I have thought off and on about sharing this all day today and how Mother’s Day fits with my brand.

The truth is, this brand - the apparel you wear, the messages I compose that help you, wouldn’t be here without my mom… and here’s why....

My mom was a prescription pill addict and alcoholic. I learned at an early age what having grit was like, as I had no option but to help make ends meet by helping dad with the family business starting at age 12.

The fact is, I don’t regret a single year growing up. My mom and our family dynamic / situation made me who I am today. It made me the owner of this apparel brand that’s helped so many through addiction, through hard times, through divorce, through loss of a loved one.

The storm you might be facing is simply shaping you for what is to come.

The things that seem to be happening to you are happening for you. And if it weren't for them happening - you wouldn't be who are today.

So to my mom, thank you. Thank you for not giving me what I wanted as a kid but rather you gave me something far more valuable. And to everyone else I hope you had a great day. Reminder that the storms don’t break you, they shape you.


May 14, 2023 — Justin Wegner

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