To us here at Day 41 Apparel these core values are what we live by. When you receive any interaction with anyone on the team, the experience you have should be so badass that it leaves you feeling like you're capable of more... because you are. Here at Backbone we don't just TALK the TALK, we WALK IT!

1. God First

In everything we do remember we do it unto the Lord.


2. Never a wrong time to do the right thing

As a company we hold this to be of the highest standard because as we all face daily struggles we must always know that there’s never a wrong time to do the right thing. Without our customers to do right by, Backbone wouldn’t exist. Therefore, this will be our top priority as we server you and help you on your journey to being better.

3. Lead by Example

It’s not only the best way to lead but we believe it’s the ONLY way to lead. Our code is simple on this one; we can’t lead if we’re not willing to do the actions. You can’t expect others to trust your leadership if you’re not willing to get in the trenches with them.

4. Be humble

Staying humble and practicing humility will be how we operate through the highs and lows of life. This can be very hard to do and a line worth walking. We will show what we’ve built, all the while knowing that YOU are the BIGGEST part of this story.

5. Work Harder

At Backbone we have a deep work ethic for being the hardest working in the room. Building a brand and movement from the ground up this is a value we have through and through. And we won’t be letting up!

6. Go Above & Beyond

The extra mile is there for those of us that know, that’s where most people quit. Well, going that extra mile for you and anyone on the crew is just what we do. We believe that it’s what makes us different. Sets us apart from everyone else, which we strive to be.

7. Be a Lighthouse

At Backbone find it imperative that we be a positive light. If you want things to be different around you, it starts with your view of it. That’s how we approach every hurdle and challenge that Backbone faces today.