The last few years have been trying to say the least. Not only for us but I can imagine for pretty much everyone.

We've had some pretty high highs, matched with some of the lowest of lows in the last 3 months, specifically for us. Something that hit me the last few days was how the world tries to water you down to break you apart.

People have all the suggestions for how YOU should do something with YOUR life. Making recommendations on what they'd do if they were you. Here's the catch, they're not. So what ends up happening is you end up slowly letting their "advice" nick away at what you're doing.

Then before you know it, you're doing and saying things that have slowly been off base of what you started this for.

This new shirt "The Distance" represents that. The distance between who you are, who you want to be is made up of only actions and time. Only 1 of which you have control over and the other if you're not careful will get away from you.

You and your dreams are going to require you to take ACTION and not only just action but will require you to take action on the things that YOU feel and follow your compass with God's. Too many people are willing to tell you what to do with your life all the while, ignoring their own calling.

Don't miss your chance waiting on the next person to give you permission to take actions on your dreams.

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February 11, 2023 — Justin Wegner

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