Launched the ALL-NEW LEVELS collection that had more than 1 new item.

In fact, if you want to check it all out:

As we introduced the new collection I wanted to go over why we chose the term LEVELS.

You see, in life you're going to experience multiple levels. Some good and some not so good. What's most important is that you keep going.

It's easy to quit. Most do.

Just don't be like most people.

This LEVELS Collection is the tribute to not only our new look, and feel to the brand but you as well. You're leveling up as well. As you pursue MORE in life, you'll find that there are new levels you're going to reach you didn't know possible.

As you get there, you're going to understand that there's always more.

My friend, I truly hope you find the new LEVELS Collection as inspiring for you as it is us around here.

September 10, 2022 — Justin Wegner

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