The power of digging in and keeping after it is a rare quality these days.

When the society norm to throw something away when it doesn't work the first time it's hard to not let that bleed into every area of your life.

But I want to pose a different question.

What if you didn't give in?

What if you gave it ONE MORE TRY?

What if you give it everything you had.... then some.

I know there's plenty in life that you will have to pivot from and to, but your dreams... no, those were God-given.

And he doesn't call the qualified.

He qualifies the called.

I don't know when or why you're reading this but let this be that little reminder on your goal highway, TO KEEP GOING!

Where you are may merely be a rest stop. Or a stop to get gas but this isn't your final exit.

You'll never know what's up ahead if your exit the Goal Highway now...

June 11, 2022 — Justin Wegner

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