2 words that we've worked on not using in our household has been "I know". Since you're here you know how powerful words can be and how often I speak on it.

Those 2 words caused me more heartache and pain than I care to admit.

We all have lessons to learn from one another. None of us KNOW IT ALL. Someone sharing what they do with us, is God working through them for us. We're learning. The moment we say "I know". We are sending signals to our brain that we can stop listening now.

This is one reason I believe in the power of words. I have witnessed this.

That you don't need to take anything else in.

I challenge you today to be open to everything and everyone around you.

You may know a part of what someone shares with you, but l promise you, if you adopt this mindset it could open up doors in your mind for something bigger!

Eliminating these 2 words in your daily vocabulary could completely change your life and ultimately it will help out those on YOUR path!


June 19, 2022 — Justin Wegner

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