Was talking with a friend of mine a while ago on a coaching call. I love doing those. In business it's my favorite thing and contrary to what everyone thinks, everyone has something to learn from everyone.

It's how we apply it that's the difference maker.

He was stuck in his apparel business. Kept hitting a ceiling and didn't know why.

2 things here: 

  1. He got out of his way and asked for help. That's huge and the sooner you get out of your own way and out of your own head with stuff, the sooner you grow. And the quicker too!
  2. I simply said to him your fish bowl is too small. You aren't growing because you're still stuck in the small bowl.

Here's why you MUST think big in life. Because it gets your brain working on ways to make it happen. If you stay stuck in your own head and stay stuck in the small fish bowl, you'll never grow.

I shared with him 1 simple statement "your fish bowl is too small". Go get a bigger fish bowl.

He did and now he's seeing growth like crazy!

That's the same thing that happened for me.

and it's the same that can happen for you. You don't need to own an apparel brand to feel or see this growth. 

It can happen with your kids and family vacations. It can happen with the way you see your current position within your company.

Want to grow? Want to expand?

Get a bigger fish bowl!

June 22, 2022 — Justin Wegner

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