I want to get ahead on this new shirt that dropped 12 hours ago but already set records and moving quicker than I can get printed.

The phrase "DEPEND ON NO ONE" hit me one day and after showing it to my 8 year old son he goes, "I love it. Depend on no one. So basically you need to depend on yourself"

That's it. That's the entire mindset of this shirt.

Be someone YOU can depend on FIRST.

Depend on no one else to bring you joy, bring you happiness, bring you peace, or bring you prosperity.

It's on YOU.

It's within you.

When we take ownership that it starts within us, it means something.

Depend on no one collection just dropped and has already made its wave and the impact is strong.

So depend on no one. Do it yourself! 👊🏼 Because you can!

If you haven't picked up yours from the No One Collection get it on the way today: https://backboneswag.com/collections/no-one

July 01, 2022 — Justin Wegner

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