I asked a question on my IG @justinwegnerofficial - "Biggest Fear".

Know what everyone's biggest fear was?


Can you imagine trying to live and all you are is afraid to die?

If I were to ask you that today, would that be your response to?

Now some people are just as I was, "My biggest fear is that I get to meet my maker and I didn't fulfill my calling."

What do I mean?

I mean that I want to do everything God calls me to do, with very serious intention and purpose. I want to get up there and his reaction to me showing up is nothing less than "Justin, you did everything I asked and you never questioned it, you just did."

You serve a very intentional purpose here on earth and until you start living like it, you'll forever be missing out on the best thing to happen in your life. I can promise you that!

Something I want to remind you is God didn't give you a calling to be a knock off of someone else. He called you to be YOU. You know that stirring inside you to jump on an opportunity and you're not doing it... you're missing that calling.

Don't keep ignoring it, thinking you're not ready.

You wouldn't have that stir inside, if you weren't ready.

July 08, 2022 — Justin Wegner

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