MOST people live life by the seat of their pants. Most people in fact take chances only far enough that the fall doesn't hurt.

I am here to tell you there is no reward without risk and there is nothing but reward on the other side of pain. But 2 things people don't tell you is:

1. It gets much worse before it gets better

2. It's worth it!

You see so many people life just enough to be at their comfort zone and never out of it. What happened to people leading with intentions? What happened with people wanting to lead their families into greatness and into getting more?

I am not sure but I am here to tell you, anytime I have jumped it's been worth it. Maybe not at the beginning but in the end every jump and risk led me to the next win or lesson.

So, I highly encourage you today to take the jump, make a bet on YOURSELF and quit listening to people who gave up on their dreams, who are trying to convince you to not chase yours.

In conclusion, this is me telling you that your greatness depends on what you do today and no matter how long or how much you put it off, it doesn't get easier. And please go for it, what's in your heart and a burning passion, it's worth it!

July 26, 2022 — Justin Wegner

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