You know when you enter a room and there's someone that just has an aura about themselves.

Like they know what they want out of life and aren't willing to compromise for it?

You know what they have that you need to have too?

Standards. Not just any standards.

They have their OWN standards and most of the time their extremely high. I am telling you if you want to live a life that isn't settling for average, that isn't into gossip games, and isn't in to wasting time... you've got to have high standards.

The standards you set are yours and they're important to take ownership of. If not, your chances of not ending up where you want in this lifetime are very high.

So set your fucking standards.

Set them so fucking high and never lower them, for anyone.

The ones that want to join your high standard lifestyle will roll with. The ones that don't won't.

That'll help you more in life than almost anything else... getting rid of the ones that aren't there for the right reasons to begin with.


August 13, 2022 — Justin Wegner

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