So I have been writing blog posts, and social media posts that have set to inspire you to live the life you want to live.

To help you, ask yourself the question, "Am I doing all I can do to get where I want to go?"

I write in depth, thought provoking posts on my personal facebook (you can follow my FB POSTS HERE) and I decided that I would share my own blog posts. I went with calling them "The Canvas".

Here's why I titled it "The Canvas" and not just "Blog": I believe your life is a canvas. Everyday you get a chance to decide what you're going to draw or paint on your canvas. And what do you want others to see that you've painted once your canvas is done?

So to that, I ask you... Is your canvas turning out how you wanted?

Is it still blank?

Is it colorful?

Is it "messy"?

Most of all, does it make you proud?

You have your canvas and you hold the brush. Make sure you're doing what you want with your life to leave a canvas that people are inspired by. One that maybe your family would be extremely proud to honor and hang on their wall.

Everyone wants to be remembered; THIS is how it's done.

By living each day to the fullest, finding the better version of yourself by never quitting.

Making each stroke and drawing on the canvas is one to remember.

August 22, 2022 — Justin Wegner

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