Have you ever looked at your life like a movie? I know there are videos about this concept already but have you truly thought of your movie up until now?

Are you happy with it?

Do you feel like you've played the victim in your own movie?

Feel like you could've gone a little bit more in that one time of discomfort?

Here's the thing.... your life is YOUR movie. It's your testimony to the world and those around you. When you're gone do you want your movie to be a boring one or want it to be one that many people watch over and over like a timeless hit?

If you want to be remembered you must first get uncomfortable. You must first understand the ROLE that YOU play in YOUR own movie.

What will help you in this scenario is to take a brief overview of your movie up until now. If it's not what you'd even watch then remember there's still time to flip your script.

The only time it's too late is when you're heart stops and if you're reading this... you got time.

So, go live the life that's worthy of the box office hit that will last forever.

August 29, 2022 — Justin Wegner

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