As cliche as it may sound, you can't deny this truth; bigger the test the bigger the win. Hear me out...

In my life I have been a testament to this simple but BIG fact. Anytime I have been at a crossroad of quitting or keep going, I ALWAYS keep going. Then right around the corner seems to be another big win. 

As you read this I want to share my biggest test recently and that win I didn't realize was this close. And how this lesson can apply to your own life / situation.

We're traveling, and in our travel my wife and I are doing 75 HARD at the same time. If you've not heard of 75 Hard, I highly encourage you to - doing it the first time is what led me to start Backbone Swag in 2019. Anyway, our travel day out of town, I had the biggest test. Everything was just stacking up. Travel, no sleep, working out twice. 1 needed to be outside. Running a business. Doing our big launch of the Tribute Collection.... you get the idea. Then throw in doing all this while traveling WITH kids... needless to say it was a test day.

Then overnight we had a HUGE win. Not only did my wife and I complete day 68, in the last 24 hours we crossed our 30,000th Order for Backbone Swag...

30,000th order... as you read this I am still in shock, and so beyond grateful. I love what we do and the reason I share this realness with you is because I know you have big wins around your corner.

YOU have some big tests in your path that I KNOW are just the checkpoint you need to cross to get to your big win! I want you to know that you MUST keep going.

It's days like yesterday that remind me of the phrase that I told myself for 75 days straight "Don't Fucking Quit".

One last thing; THANK YOU. Seriously thank you for being here. Thank you for being such a crucial part to our 30,000th order. I want you to know that while your order may be a number in that big one, you're a VERY big part of it and MORE than any number.

So thank you for your continued support as we bring this brand world-wide and push to create more leaders in this world.

October 01, 2022 — Justin Wegner

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