Why do we wait to be grateful after we've lost?

What I am talking about here is why do we wait to lose someone to show gratitude towards them? Why do we wait to lose something to be thankful?

This is your reminder; don't wait to be grateful. Be grateful while you have TODAY because today is all we have. Can't control yesterday and we can't control tomorrow.

The only thing we can do is take what we have today, work with it, and be grateful for it.

Recently having friends pass, or knowing friends without limbs, just made me realize that we all should be grateful for what we have NOW, rather than waiting on losing it or someone to learn to be grateful.

The reason it's hard for us to find gratitude first is, because it's easier to call out what we don't have or what's missing. But if you want to be a winner, want to reach the next level on your journey, make sure you find gratitude first.

In everything, and at the start of everyday. Because someone somewhere is doing more with less. That should motivate you to find gratitude to push forward.

Start today. Here's a quick list of my gratitude to inspire you to start yours:

  • Legs to run
  • ability to be alive
  • eyes to see through struggles
  • heart of desire
  • love
  • feeling it all in life

Now, what's your list? Make it... now...

October 03, 2022 — Justin Wegner

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