The past few months we’ve launched some big releases. It has me truly reflecting on how far we’ve come.

Seemed like yesterday I was in my garage screen printing with my homemade press, with a speedball kit I got from hobby lobby. And I’m pretty sure I’m the only passionate idiot that didn’t wait til it was half off that week.

That’s what happens with passion.

You’ll go full force. Nothing matters.





When you have passion you WILL find a way, if any of the areas mentioned before you’re lacking…passion makes up for it.

When you have passion, nothing can stop you but you. Without passion, you can start but you’ll rarely keep going through every hardship.

Passion, man.

You need it. And you need it now.

Passion is the drive.

Passion is the fuel for the drive.

Passion is what keeps me going through all the dark days and questions I ask myself. Like, “is this the right move with $5k right


Passion…if you don’t have it, better find something that sets your soul on fire. And the only way you FIND passion is keep doing what your heart leads you to do... and just do that and be in tune with your heart as you do those things.

Eventually you'll get to a point that you know you're making the right moves because it absolutely makes sense and it feels right.

October 15, 2022 — Justin Wegner

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