Everyone says you were born without limitations… that’s a lie.

You were absolutely born with limitations. Let me show you a few...

You were born without the ability to fly.

You were born without the ability to live underwater.

You were born without the ability to move at 100 mph.

So what’s my point?

You WERE born WITH limitations… it’s just because of the few bold ones that challenged the way of thinking and living that made pushed limitations. And soon those limitations were broken.

You have the ability to get on a plane and fly.

You have the ability to swim underwater for extended periods of time thanks to divers.

You have the ability to get in a vehicle and punch the gas pedal and get to 100 mph.

You see, we were born with limitations and a lot of people will die believing their limitations are as far as they’ll ever go.

Very few will questions the status quo. Very few will ask themselves, “do I have more in the tank and can I go further than this?”

What if….

What if…. You were born with limitations…. Just so you can exceed them to show others and yourself what’s possible?

Ever thought of it like that?

Get some today!

November 29, 2022 — Justin Wegner

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