Every time I host an in person event at my warehouse I can tell you one common theme. Most poeple don't truly believe in themselves.

In my humble opinion I believe they lack the belief in themselves strictly off of what they told or haven't told others.

Let me explain....

Are you someone who talks about what you're going to do...? Then don't go do it.

Are you someone who has belief in yourself but you're worried what someone will say about you having so much belief in yourself?

My friend, what if you went to the mirror. What if you went to that mirror and had a discussion with your 8 year old self.

Would your 8 year old self be proud of you?

Would that 8 year old be proud of the steps you've taken (to whatever degree)? 

The answer is probably a mix of yes and no. If you're 8 year old self would be proud then KEEP GOING!! If your 8 year old self would be wanting you to go for more and do more in life because they believe in yourself? THEN DO IT!

My friend what will your 8 year old self be saying about you every year? Will they say "well you could've done this if you weren't too scared" or will they say every day or year, "look at you go! I am proud of you".

What will THEY see... because deep down we know our 8 year old self is watching to see if we're going after what our hearts want.d

December 10, 2022 — Justin Wegner

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