I want to keep it 100% with you, as we always do.

This year, especially the last 6 months have been some of the most challenging months of my life. In 2016 I set out on a mindset change and I firmly believe that if I hadn't of done that these last 6 months, even as difficult as they were, wouldn't have gone this well - if I hadn't of started back in 2016.

In light of the new year coming and knowing how many people will be chasing the best version of themselves understand that monumental shifts start by 1% or 1 Degree. In 2016 I made a 1% change in my mindset. I made a 1 degree shift. And now, 6 years later, I am on a different path.

Share this with you for 1 reason and 1 reason only... if I can do it - you can too.

I get flown all over the country to speak to groups on this very topic.

Understand that if you see someone doing what you want to do or how you want to do it - they had to start with a 1% or 1 degree shift. The map you follow will absolutely set the course for you and how intent you are will dictate how true that map will become for yourself.

Go into the new year with "NEW YEAR. NEW ME" mindset - I don't even knock you for it. What I will say is; understand that sometimes that "NEW ME" part shows up 6 years later when darkest hour shows itself to you and you star back at it. Then you proceed to say, "I got this, now what!".

1 day at a time.

1% at a time.

1 degree at a time.

Stacked up over 6 years your life could look exactly how you wanted BUT BETTER!

Much love -
Justin W.

Shipping update: You can still order now through the new year. However we're taking Thursday (12-2) - Wednesday/Thursday (12-29) off to spend time with our families. So no items will be shipped out.

One last note: THANK YOU! Thank you for being a part of what we do. This year we encountered some major hurdles and our team handled every single one of them with grace. We shipped out more orders in a single day 7 days in a row than we ever had. So thank you for your patience and those that understood we aren't Amazon - we thank you! I do ask that as you reach out to us - I am very forward with you. We are PEOPLE TOO. We want to help you anyway we can. Be mindful of that as you reach out to anyone on our team.

December 20, 2022 — Justin Wegner

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