We've all heard the saying aim small miss small.

Or even heard, "work hard, play harder"

Look, I am not here to debate cliche sayings, I am here to challenge you to thing and see things differently than most. Why? Because MOST people never do.

They take cliche sayings and see them as all truth and that's simply not the case.

Look you can play big, and win big. The more you're willing to risk is also the more you're able to win. But what people focus on is how much they can lose in the process.

Here's a way I see things a little different and it should help you obtain a better value out of your journey.

I see it as if I play big, I can either win big or learn big. Around here I never focus on what you can lose. Because it's not about losing. You either win or learn. That's how this game of life should be lived.

If you're always focused on winning you will win. If you're only playing hard or big enough because you're afraid to lose. You will always miss out on the learning.

And that, my friend, is where winning comes from.

I can promise you that!

May 18, 2022 — Justin Wegner

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