The back story to this amazing new design we just released, took 3 years in the making.

When I started BBS in 2019 it was just me.

Didn't have warehouse, or employees.

No big social media following.

Hell even when I started we had 0 followers on social media. So to say I remember day 1 would be an understatement.

I had a massive dream of this line of apparel becoming a household (gymhold) name that when people wore it they immediately knew "THEY HAD THIS". And "this" being whatever you were going through.

Fast forward to today. I never knew the pandemic would happen. I never knew that one of my businesses would lose $100K in contracts IN ONE DAY, I had no idea the entire country was going to shut down.

Truth be told I knew this journey into the apparel industry was going to be saturated but I never realized how saturated it was about to become. I was unfamiliar with online advertising and how expensive things were going to become.

Then the other day I was driving and thinking about this entire journey. I started to think, "This is why people have such a hard time. They underestimate how much grit is required."

Then it hit me, I was in the parking lot at a Wal Mart I have been "Forged By Grit".

That moment this shirt was born. The concept was in the bank and I knew we needed this shirt to be a reality for others who are also like me. You don't let the grit wear you down, you become forged by it.

Don't let the fear of the mountain keep you from making the first step.


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May 20, 2022 — Justin Wegner

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