Stop running from it, stop trying to avoid it.

Darkness is a hell of a teacher if you embrace it.

How will you be grateful for the light if you never experience the dark?

I can feel the dark days coming now, and they usually come after a major win. What I try to keep at bay is to never let myself get lower than my previous low, that way it’s always a climb. 📈

Darkness is just as much a part of life as the light is.

The depth of darkness you can withstand is a direct correlation to the height of what you can obtain.

Meaning the highs match the lows. It’s how life works. Just keep going. Learn. Grow. Adapt.

And overcome your darkness, one day at a time.

Today is your reminder that all of the highs and lows brought you here. Stop running from the dark times, try to embrace them and press into them to learn from them.

May 25, 2022 — Justin Wegner

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