You can say 1 thing and do another.

They’ll only believe half of what you say but they’ll believe EVERYTHING you DID.


Because actions speak louder than words.

If they didn’t see us going big for dreams, chasing, and working hard for it, but TOLD them to do it instead…they wouldn’t believe it.

Not living the way we do, our kids would hear this from our actions “Play it safe kids. Don’t go for your dreams. Settle for average”

I don’t believe there’s a person out there that wants to let their kids play it safe and settle for average. If you’re telling your kids they can do and be anything in life, but you’re settling for average and never chasing what YOU want in life; rest assured your actions don’t align with your words. When they learn that about you, it’s game over. They won’t believe you.

You see my kids and my wife have seen me try and fail a lot. More importantly they’ve seen a husband and dad who’s tried and failed, got right the fuck back up and tried again.

Today you have 2 options.

Keep being the same telling everyone else what THEY should be doing with their lives while you stay in the stands or you can get on the field and actually lead by example.

Only 1 option will be believable without any words.

May 11, 2022 — Justin Wegner

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