When I first launched this design, had a guy tell me “clearly you don’t have a team…because every leader has to depend on his team”.

He forgot something very important in his feeble attempt at talking down to me…

I know MANY people out there starting businesses. Some are doing good and some are struggling. I also know many established businesses that are doing good and struggling (and you’re trying to hide it - I 👀 you)

One thing you’ve got to cultivate inside you if you want to start anything is the “depend on no one” vibe. When you depend ONLY on yourself and become that type of dependable person you become unstoppable.

Launched my apparel brand in my boxers at 10:30 at night. I actually depended on no one to get me started. I asked zero questions to anyone that night.

Me, Google, and YouTube and besties.

You want to do anything significant with your life become a dependable person to yourself first.

It’s not always asking others. It’s about asking yourself would you depend on you when:

  • Things aren’t good.
  • When it’s not positive
  • As the ship needs course correction
  • Going through the storms of life.

A lot of people are dependable when it’s good. When everything. Is alright. When the sun is shining.

Here is what mr talk down to me forgot…

Nah man - I do have a team. My team can depend on me. Know why? Because I can depend on myself FIRST. For the simple fact that I’ve HAD to depend on me.

I depend on no one here on earth like I do myself. Don’t depend on anything or anyone to come save me or help me. If you show up, I’m forever grateful and the few that have in my life, I see you. And you know how much you mean to me because I not only tell you, but I also show you.

Take full accountability of where you’re at and find ways to move the needle daily.

Find ways to depend on no one like yourself.

No one is coming to save you so “Depend on no one”.

March 02, 2023 — Justin Wegner

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