I want to be real with you here for a second. Like raw as I can be. Open my heart a little bit with you.

Lately, in fact, this entire year has been a difficult one for me. Some moments I lost my cool. I was fed up with dealing with things I could't change.

Ever have those moments? I had like 1 a week for 2 months. Annoying as shit. 

What I am learning though is that while everyone thinks the fire is a bad thing, it's actually a good thing. What if we stopped seeing the fire and flame as a bad thing? What if we stopped for a moment and realized that WE ARE the FIRE AND FLAME?

On a trip through Arkansas I stopped by 2 places where I just gave my time. I took a moment to be the fuel for someone else's fire. Know what I also realized then? That that same fuel I put on their flame, it ignited mine again. Seeing them win, makes way for new wins.

That's the cycle. That's the circle you WANT to be in.

Be around those that win even in the dark. Surround yourself with positive people in the face of adversity.

Let those moments consume you. Let it fuel that fire.

The brighter you burn the more your flame grows. The more your fire grows. The more that happens the more light you emit and others can find the way.

Keep the fire lit, my friend.

March 13, 2023 — Justin Wegner

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