April 1st, 2024 we finally transition for the first time away from Backbone Swag. 

As you can read in my last post - that God has been moving in our lives here at HQ.

I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you some Q&A about the rebrand to help out.

Q: Are yall going out of business?
A: NO! Not even close. God has called us to be a faith-based only apparel brand. So we're moving in his obedient calling.

Q: Why are you rebranding and not starting something new?
A: The last year God has really called me to share his message through my mess and what he's done. We wanted to rebrand to signify that the old is dying off and the new is here. We're on the same mission just biblically rooted now!


Q: What will happen to monthly VIP Subscribers?
A: For month 1, all will stay the same. We're exploring options to decrease the cost of the VIP to keep the same quality to ensure the message can spread even more!


Q: What happens to the urls/domains (www.BackboneSwag.com)
A: The new url for the apparel will be www.DayFortyOne.com and the old Backbone Swag will redirect you. 


Q: What will happen to my emails I get from you? Sunday Sermon, and launches?
A: Nothing will change. For the first week or so we're going to slow down emails from backboneswag.com and be ramping up for dayfortyone.com. So PLEASE BE watching for emails from us!


Q: More will be added as they come up