Started with zero.

When I say zero, I mean it.

Cards were maxed out, and people owed me thousands of dollars.

Before we were screen printing we bought heat press transfers.

Before I got hats embroidered I made my own transfers and pressed them on hats. Moved 5,000 hats before I ever had a single thing embroidered.

My point is, you’ll have to stop thinking “it’s got to be done this certain way” and start thinking “I wonder if I can do it this way”. 

Then do it.

If you wait til it’s perfect you’ll never start.

Life is done through the opportunities you decide to capitalize on. And consequently on the opportunities you don’t seize.

My friend, I want you to win. And win big.

But the reality is if I want you to win more than you think you can, that’s a problem. And one you’ll need to solve first. 👊🏼

September 19, 2022 — Justin Wegner